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Japan Society of Energy and Resources was founded in 1980.
It is an academic society to promote the science and technology concerning energy and resources,and thus to facilitate cooperation among industry, academia and governmental sectors for coping with the problems in this field.

Organization (as of May 26, 2020)

1)Executive Directors


Dr.H.Asano (Associate Vice President,Energy Innovation Center,Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

Vice President

Dr.T.Tezuka (Prof. Kyoto Univ)

Mr.T.Setoguchi (Chairman of the board of Director, Gas And Power Co.,Ltd. ; Adviser, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.)

Mr.K.Nabeta (Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.)

Director for General Affairs

Mr. A. Nishida (General Manager Research & Development, The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.)

Director for Planning

Dr.Y.Shimoda (Prof. Osaka University)

Director for Publication

Dr.Y.Fujii (Prof. The University of Tokyo)

2)Number of Members

  • Corporate Member 113
  • Personal Member 944
  • Student Member 95


“Energy and Resources (in Japanese)” and
“Journal of Japan Society of Energy and Resources” are published bimonthly.


1) Annual Meeting in July

2) Conference on Energy, Economy, and Environment in January

3) Topical Meeting (six times a year)

4) Seminars (two times a year)

5) Field Trips (four times a year)

6) Special Project


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